Creating next generation Equine technology products

BTX is a leading Web3 technology company, building new products that will make the equine industry better for Owners, Breeders, Trainers, Racing Clubs, Regulators and other Industry Participants.


BTX is harnessing Web3 technology to transform the equine industry, starting with horse tokenisation to open new ownership and transaction opportunities. Our platform focuses on simplicity and future-readiness, enhancing various aspects from ownership to marketplaces.

We are expanding its blockchain infrastructure with several upcoming product solutions, aiming to provide an easy-to-use platform that allows users to launch digital asset-based services without technical complexities or high costs


Racing Ownership Live

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Racing is Live with CIARON MAHER, GAI WATERHOUSE, and STEVEN O’DEA & MATTHEW HOYSTED. Racing presents an investment in fractionalised thoroughbreds, offering more speculative returns.

WORLD’S FIRST Fractional Breeding Ownership Live

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Breeding Ownership is Live with Blue Gum Farm and Trilogy! Breeding presents an accessible investment in horse breeding, offering more predictable returns.

Launching in UK and Europe

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BTX is actively working on launching with UK syndicators and European Partners. Sign up or contact us to learn more.

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BTX is a Regulated Web3 Fintech Platform

BTX is at the forefront of industrial transformation, deploying a regulated Web3 platform that leverages the power of smart contracts and tokenisation to enable data integrity, uphold decentralised identity, and weave in DeFi principles.

This technological convergence is crafted to overhaul traditional transactions, offering unparalleled efficiency, enhanced trust, and the gateway to future financial models in the industry.

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A Trusted Australian Platform

BTX is built on proven Enterprise software and best practices. Our smart contracts are reviewed by one of the most trusted Web3 Security firms, and our platform is built using best-of-breed and best-in-class software components. A production-ready, proven platform that is live today and securing millions of dollars worth of thoroughbred horses.

BTX uses the polygon blockchain as we consider it to be a scalable, interoperable and cost-effective platform for building our BTX ecosystem. View the smart contracts here

We are a certified member of Blockchain Australia, meaning you can be confident that BTX Racing meets best practice standards.

BTX engaged Sigma Prime, a world leader in smart contract assurance to review the BTX Smart Contracts to provide additional trust to our stakeholders.


It's time for real use cases of Blockchain. Powering new transactions, new ownership models and transforming industries.

If you are still unsure on the basics of web3, well you’re not alone, more than 70% of people are. Visit our Blockchain 101 article to learn more.


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