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AT BTX, not only are we developing our own suite of product solutions for the equine industry, we offer top-notch digital transformation services to businesses within the industry, looking to create new value for their organisation. We harness the power of web3 technology to create new value for our partners.

Products and Offerings

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Our team specialises in understanding your current business and ambitions. From here, we develop a tailored technology strategy aligned with your organization. Leveraging our technology and industry experience, we help you build solutions that will drive long-term value.


At every stage of your equine journey, BTX is your dedicated partner in digital transformation. From understanding your vision to overcoming challenges, we design and develop innovative solutions with the latest technologies, ensuring you stand out in the competitive equine industry.


Leverage the transformative power of blockchain technology with our tailored development solutions. From writing smart contracts, creating seamless user experiences, blockchain integrations, and customized blockchain development, BTX is your equine Web3 Partner.


Having built a robust equine tokenisation platform that enables tokenisations of horses, ownerships, and other valuable assets in a regulated way, we can help accelerate your Web3 journey in a way that reduces technology risk to your organization.

Industry Opportunity

Explore the vast opportunities in the equine industry

The equine industry is ripe with opportunities for innovation and growth, driven by the adoption of advanced technologies. As the industry evolves, there is significant potential to enhance efficiency, improve care, and foster connectivity among stakeholders.

By embracing these opportunities, we can transform traditional practices and elevate the standards of equine management. This not only supports the success of equine professionals and enthusiasts but also contributes to the overall advancement and sustainability of the industry.


BTX is founded on established enterprise software and industry best practices. Our smart contracts undergo review by a highly trusted Web3 security firm, ensuring top-notch security. Our platform is constructed with top-tier software components, making it a production-ready and reliable solution currently safeguarding millions of dollars' worth of thoroughbred horses.

BTX leverages the Polygon blockchain due to its scalability, interoperability, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal foundation for our BTX ecosystem.

As a certified member of Blockchain Australia, BTX Racing adheres to best practice standards, ensuring your confidence in our platform.

To enhance trust among our stakeholders, BTX enlisted Sigma Prime, a world leader in smart contract assurance, to review our BTX Smart Contracts.

The Australian Sports Technologies Network (ASTN) provide leadership in the commercialisation, development and promotion of Australian-inspired sports technologies.

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