May 30, 2024

Exploring and Understanding BTX Racing Ownership

Exploring and Understanding BTX Racing Ownership

BTX Racing allows you to purchase real ownership of real racehorses with Australia’s leading trainers for an affordable one-time price with no ongoing fees. BTX Racing puts you in the race with real prize money and real ownership experiences.

What is Ownership with BTX?

BTX harnesses Micro-ownership or fractional ownership which has become an increasingly popular way for racing fans and enthusiasts to get involved in racehorse ownership at an affordable pricing level. Australia has one of the highest quality racing calendars globally, and it is exciting to bring fans of racing behind the scenes and into ownership.

Gold Trip trained by Ciaron Maher and David Eustace won the Melbourne Cup. Imagine if Gold Trip had 5,000 owners!! Picture Getty Images

Micro-ownership offers a more affordable and accessible alternative to traditional ownerships. In traditional ownerships individuals must make a significant financial commitment to purchase a horse outright or through a syndicate taking on all the financial risks and responsibilities (including ongoing training fees, insurance costs, veterinary care and race entry fees). However, in micro-ownership multiple individuals can pool their resources and purchase an interest in a racehorse together. This allows them to experience the thrill of racehorse ownership while sharing the costs and risks associated with it from as little as $75 for an ownership share.

Benefits of micro-ownership with BTX Racing

The BTX Racing ownership model is built around one upfront payment with no ongoing fees. Costs are shared evenly across all BTX Owners within that horse or pack of horses. The costs of ownership include (but are not limited to), horse acquisition costs, training costs, insurance costs, race nominations and ongoing administration costs, with unused funds returned to owners at the end of the ownership period.

BTX Racing is the world’s first platform to provide micro-ownership backed by blockchain technology and is committed to working towards decentralised, secure, and user-friendly systems that enhance trust, transparency and efficiency in the equine marketplace.

We will be publishing a blog soon on how BTX harnesses blockchain technology.

The BTX Racing micro-ownership model offers several advantages over traditional ownership models, including lower entry barriers (check out Smart Missile x Chloe’s Comet for $75), reduced financial risk, and greater flexibility. Unlike traditional ownership models that require substantial investments and ongoing expenses, the BTX Racing model allows investors to buy as little or as much ownership as they want, providing access to a diverse portfolio of racehorses.

Real Horses

BTX Racing’s marketplace contains a variety of shares of thoroughbred horses to suit any horse racing enthusiast or serious investor’s portfolio.

The range includes:

  • a line up of Australia’s leading trainers: including 2022 Melbourne Cup winning trainers Ciaron Maher and David Eustace (e.g. Reasonable), racing royalty Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott (e.g. So You Think Colt) and Adelaide rising star Will Clarken (e.g. Smart Missile Filly)
  • an array of ages: from yearlings recently purchased at the 2023 Magic Millions (see Yes Yes Yes filly in the Fillies Pack), to several 3 year olds about to start racing (e.g. Reasonable) to proven international imports (e.g. Kettle Hill).
  • a variety of exceptional pedigrees: including Australian leading sires such as Snitzel (see Until Valhalla in the Fillies Pack) to international leading sires such as Justify (see Reasonable)
  • a range of prices: shares start from $75 with Smart Missile x Chloe’s Comet and can range to meet the investors desired ownership interest by purchasing as many shares as desired.
  • scalability to the desired level of ownership: effective ownership starts from 0.01% (i.e. 10,000 owners in a horse if the horse is 100% owned by BTX) and scales though the purchasing of as many units as desired to build your ownership.
  • the opportunity to purchase interests individually or as a pack, where several horses a grouped together to diversify your portfolio, increase your experience and spread your risk (see the Fillies Pack).

BTX Horse Welfare

BTX Racing is committed to ensuring the welfare of our horses. Through the BTX Racing horse welfare initiative, Horse Beyond the Course, every ownership token purchased on the BTX Platform contributes a minimum of $2.5 towards a horse-by-horse superannuation fund, which supports retired horses after their racing life. BTX Racing believes this will revolutionise horse welfare across the global equine industry, ensuring that every horse is given the care and support it deserves. Visit our Welfare page for more information.

Real Prizemoney

Your horse racing investment entitles you to real prizemoney, which is important considering the Australian Horse Racing Industry’s average race value is among the highest in the world and total prizemoney has increased 82% in the last 10 seasons.

Data from AusHorse Investment Guide

After standard deductions for trainers, jockeys, welfare fees, and BTX performance fees all the prize money goes to unit holders on a regular basis (Visit FAQ). Funds will be credited directly into your BTX wallet where you can either choose to buy more BTX horses or withdraw your funds to any Australian financial institution.

Real Experiences

More and more Australian’s are discovering the benefits of owning racehorses rather just punting or watching the races, as the experience goes beyond the financial returns of the race to the connection with the horse, the team and other owners from foal to retirement.

A Digital Ownership Communications Platform

BTX delivers all its trainer updates and horse content through the BTX Mobile App. The app has been designed to give a premium ownership experience, through the delivery of your owner updates, the latest industry news from BTX’s racing partners, and the most recent BTX updates, articles, and promotions. With all this content consolidated in one place, you’ll be able to extend your experience and knowledge by checking your BTX app for exciting updates.

Visit our App Features website page to learn more about the BTX app and the various products and features we have to offer.

Race day privileges

Experience ownership on Race days! Race day ticketing and mounting yard access comes with the perks of ownership. BTX Racing works closely with race clubs to accommodate as many owners as possible and run ballots to ensure you have the chance to attend the owners enclosures.

In the lead up to your race, we will bring you insights from your trainers, and racing stable personnel to provide you with a full guide on the form of your, and other horses, within the race. Following completion of the race, we will provide you with a race debrief that covers insight into how the race was run, the performance of your horse, and during the week following the race we will provide you with updates on the condition and wellbeing of your horse.

All of this will be available from your Newsfeed in your BTX app – check out the features page to learn more about how the app works.

The BTX Community, Events and Experiences

BTX Racing prioritises building a community of owners to experience the thrill of horse racing, share in the highs and the lows. BTX owners will have the opportunity to experience organised stable visits, VIP horse racing packages and exclusive functions to meet their horses and the trainers and be part of the journey of ownership.

Individualised merchandise for each of our horses is available through the BTX Merchandise store to enable owners to represent their ownership proudly and support their horse to victory.

Real Ownership, Real Horses, Real Prize money and Real Experiences

BTX Racing allows you to buy real ownership of real racehorses trained by Australia’s leading trainers, all for an affordable one-time price with no ongoing fees. With a diverse range of horses to choose from and real prize money on the line, this is the perfect opportunity to get involved in the world of racing and enjoy all the perks of ownership, from race day privileges to real-life connections with the horses themselves. So why wait? Start your journey with BTX Racing today!